7 Reasons to Hire a Summer Au Pair

Kids are happy because of the school break and everything would be just perfect if only parents wouldn't need to work all the time… Well, there is where an au pair could steps in! In exchange for a new summer experience abroad she or he will happily help you out at things you need a help with the most.


Summer is fast approaching! The time of children’s anticipation and joy of going on holidays and enjoy time with their parents and do all the things they can’t during school time. It means a lot of excitement for children while parents usually still doing their work for most of the summer and they cannot leave their children alone so someone has to look after children. This is where an au pair can step in if you have a spare room and ensure that all is happy and taken care of. So, everybody is happy, parents can relax because their kids enjoy the summer school holidays and the au pair is happy to get new summer experiences abroad.


A lot of families are not sure if having an au pair is the right solution for them. A summer au pair lives with the family for a short period of time – between one and three months. They do all the tasks that long-term au pair would normally do and therefore, the summer time is a really good opportunity to find out if the programme would work for you. On top of that, there are many girls and boys whose wish is to become an au pair during summer.


An au pair can look after your children, organise activities to keep them occupied, take them to park, playgroups or clubs, prepare nutritious meals and look after their general well-being.


Light housekeeping and those small but important things are taken care of such as laundry, carrying out errands and helping keep the house tidy.


When you are on holiday, you don’t have to worry that someone could break into your house or do damage. Also, your summer au pair will make sure that your plants are taken care of, pets if you have them will get their daily walk and everything will be tidied when you get back.


As an au pair is from another country, they can introduce to you the culture they are from and new games and songs.


Having an au pair represents the most affordable childcare and light housekeeping if the family has a spare room. On top of that, an au pair is flexible, can help you with many things and make your life easier.


How can Supreme Au Pairs help you?

We have many au pair candidates who love children and would love to come and help you out with kids and light housekeeping in exchange for a safe stay in the UK and the opportunity to improve their English language and learn the culture. Simply contact us to let us know about your wishes and we will help you to find the best match for your family.

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