7 Benefits Of Hosting an Au Pair


Having an au pair represents a solution to family's needs, most often in childcare, light housekeeping or helping the elderly in return for an au pair’s safe and welcoming stay in a new environment and the opportunity to learn the language and culture.


Au pairs can help you to take care of school runs, taking them to clubs, helping them with homework and reading stories to them while you are away etc.

An experienced au pair in working with older people can also be an excellent companion for the elderly. They can look after them as an everyday role or on occasions.

An au pair can help you with chores around the house. For example, they can make sure that house looks tidy, pop to the shops to get some food for the family or collect and send mail from the post office. As another option, your dog can stay fit because the dog will get regular walks by an au pair who loves animals.

Your children will be taken care of, and they will get a taste of foreign culture which is very important to open their horizons. Also, for the elderly, a foreign culture may be a great topic to talk about.

It is a perfect solution if you have bilingual children for them to practise their second language with their au pair or for children who are learning the language that the au pair speaks. Learning new language may also benefit seniors’ mental functioning.

An au pair normally works 25-35 hours which you can arrange it in a way that accommodates your needs.

Although every childcare arrangement seems to be very expensive, an au pair programme is less so if you compare it to a nanny live in or live out and a childminder.


Andrea Jankovic

Director of Supreme Au Pairs




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